CBD & Delta 8 Edibles OVERDOSE THC Gummies 1250MG USA Shop

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Total Delta 8 1,000mg
Delta 8 Per gummy 20mg/gummy
Total Full Spectrum CBD 250mg
Full Spectrum CBD Per gummy 5mg/gummy

Total Units 50 gummies

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Buy CBD & Delta 8 Edibles OVERDOSE THC Gummies 1250MG USA Shop

Overdose Delta-8 Cube Gummies, one of the boldest ways to enjoy all-natural, hemp-derived Delta-THC edibles, just got more daring. These made-from-scratch Delta-8 THC gummies are now available in 1250mg — a balanced combination of CBD Isolate and Delta-8 THC — an extraordinary combination that will take you over the edge. Seeing as they’re made from scratch, each gummy is baked to the core with the best of both cannabinoids. You’ve never had an all-natural hemp edible like this before, and now you’ve never had it this strong. With Overdose Delta-8 Cube Gummies in 1250mg, you get your favorite cannabinoids balanced out for a fantastic experience that will leave you flying.

Our Overdose Delta-8 Cube Gummies are now available in the ultimate strength, 1250mg, which mixes 250mg of the world’s best CBD isolate with 1000mg of super-smooth Delta-8 THC. These two cannabinoids work synergistically to balance each other out, giving you a sweet and subtle high that keeps your head clear, allowing you to have some fun while still tackling your most important tasks. And with three mouth-watering flavors, mango, blueberry, and watermelon, your buzz will taste sweeter than ever!

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